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KanafiADR's intercultural competencies bring a unique depth of understanding to all parties.

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Ambassador Kanafi has achieved a stellar success rate of above 85% as a commercial mediator in cases involving parties from Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.



We conducted negotiations for the establishment of a multimillion-dollar fund to promote research and development ventures between Israeli and South Indian companies.


Our principal negotiated a €5.2 billion settlement for Holocaust victims in an international negotiation including countries, multinational corporations, and individual survivors. 


"I wish you could mediate all our cases."

J.M./Director of Customer Relations/Major Commercial Airline

"Chuck...[d]oes what is necessary to balance out his obvious (and expected)  “legalistic” tendencies along with his high diplomatic capabilities, as against the many other challenges that exist in the mediation space....[with] a balanced professional personality, soft and assertive at the same time, clear and ambiguous as needed.  [He employs a] wonderful use of humor to lower the tension in the room."


Haider S./Tech CEO

" co-founder and me, two life-long friends, [enroled] into their Conscious Contracts  mediation program where Chuck Menahem Kanafi worked with us for what became two months of thought-provoking exploration. The results: An exchange of funds, a signing of contract, a realization of personal and business touchstone values, our own dispute resolution and managing change framework, and the deal points which the two of us, on our own were unable to close. I have a new business with a pre-seed, and a friendship with my co-founder that is stronger than it has been in the last two decades. Thank you... I highly recommend those making new businesses that they check out the Conscious Contracts model® as one post cannot do justice to the experience that is this process."

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