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India - Israel Commercial Mediation

Business between Israel and India should be a natural choice. Hundreds, if not thousands, of initial contacts between Israeli and Indian businesspeople take place every year, and many of these ripen into fruitful contacts and eventual deals.


However, in many cases these contacts lead to failed deals and broken contracts. At this point, the parties may decide to litigate – entailing years of delays and costs involving cross-border litigation, as well as the uncertainty which comes as a result of having one's case heard in a foreign court in a foreign language.


Even more importantly – often these disputes arise as a result of cultural misunderstandings. There has been ample material written on the differing business cultures in India and in Western countries, and these differences can often lead to conflict even when the personal and economic interest in a successful outcome are clear to all.


For these reasons – cultural differences and juristic uncertainty – mediation is often the preferred option for timely, cost-effective, confidential and culturally sensitive dispute resolution KanafiADR has partnered with leading mediators and mediation centres in India, and offers bicultural comediations with an Indian mediator alongside Ambassador Kanafi, insuring that the sensitivites of all involved are addressed.

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